Padre::Plugin::WebGUI Tab Icons

Version 0.03 of Padre::Plugin::WebGUI (my WebGUI plugin for the Padre Perl IDE) is on its way to the CPAN, with one small but rather nice feature: tab icons. Just as the plugin uses WebGUI’s native icons to display the Asset Tree for your site, you now get the same attractive icon in the tab that opens up when you double-click to edit something. Apart from the aesthetics, it’s handy to know at a glance what sort of asset you’re editing (WebGUI uses the same trick for the edit icons on your site when you turn admin mode on). I was hoping to be able to add hover-text too (in case you don’t recognise the Asset type from its icon) but thus far I haven’t figured out if wxPerl and/or Padre supports it.

The following screenshot shows a nice example of several tabs open at once with different WebGUI Asset types displaying their own icons.