WUC 2010 Post-Conference Wrap

I was in Madison last week for my third consecutive WebGUI User Conference, affectionately known as “the WUC” (rhymes with “chook”… that’s Australian for chicken).

I spent the pre-conference hackathon working on getting WebGUI 8 to run under Mongrel 2, thanks to lestrrat‘s experimental Plack::Handler::Mongrel2. Since WebGUI 8 is a Perl Plack app, it wasn’t an overly complicated task – I spent most of my time getting up to speed on Mongrel2 itself and learning why a language-agnostic web server rocks (ZeroMQ++). Along the way I found a bizarre bug where Image::Magick was causing the server to hang – but apart from that it was smooth sailing.

The pay-off was being able to show off a live demo of Mongrel2 running WebGUI alongside a Python / JSSocket chat app and a streaming MP3 server all on the same domain as part of my “Plack and the Post-Apache Future of WebGUI” talk the next day (the streaming MP3 server meant that I was able to include a You Am I song in my talk which probably no-one at all in the audience recognised..). I also did a live demo of gugod, clkao and c9s’ very cool XDFighter WebSocket demo (again mounted in the same domain as a WebGUI site), with help from Andy who controlled one of the stick figure fighters from the audience via his iPhone.

None of which was very WebGUI-centric, but that was kinda the point: every cool thing that happens in the Perl PSGI/Plack world is now a WebGUI feature by default :)

The rest of the conference was spent enjoying Wisconsin’s unfair abundance of fantastic locally brewed beer (and fried cheese curd!) and hanging out with all the awesome American and Dutch members of the WebGUI family – many who have attended more WUCs than they can count on one hand (a good reflection of how much fun the WebGUI conferences are).

I’ve submitted a modified version of my talk for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop (PPW) in October titled s/modperl/plack/, with the intention of ripping out the Plack introduction (people can get a much better version of that at PPW from the horse’s mouth) and replace it with more specifics on how we decoupled WebGUI from modperl (replacing it with Plack) as an example of how others might convert their own legacy modperl applications.

Many thanks to JT and everyone else at PlainBlack for organising yet another awesome Perl / WebGUI conference, you guys rock.